Monday, November 5, 2012

Fruit of the day: langsat

There's a scene in Learn Thai with Me where Jack travels to Thailand. A Kentucky native, he is transported to another world by the fruit:
. . . somewhere between Kabul and Bangkok, nature changed the menu. He hardly recognized any species of whatever they were. The market stretched for blocks. His dictionary said he was passing baskets of jackfruit, rambutans, litchis, soursops, custard apples, durians, roselles, pandanus leaf, brinjals, santols, rose-apples, tamarinds, wood-apples, nipa, langsats, bergamots, bullock’s hearts. There were five pages of such words. Even if you knew the name, how did you eat them? They looked forbidding. Most of them didn’t seem amenable to being picked up and eaten on the spot. There were little red hairy ones and big yellow pock-marked ones; purple things that looked so much more like an old prizefighter’s ear than a cauliflower did that Jack felt sure the English language would change that term, if he could only find out what it was called. He walked for a mile in search of an apple, but found none. He finally settled for a banana, and watched as the stall owner threw it on a grill.
If you're like me you want to know what some of those things look like. Today's fruit is langsat:

How is it eaten? Read all about it here.

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  1. Overheard today at a large greengrocers outside Detroit: "Jackfruit? Jackfruit? What the hell's a jackfruit?"