Friday, February 15, 2013

Travelbug Friday: Daşoguz, Turkmenistan

I have some fascination with these Central Asian outposts of the Soviet Union. According to Wikipedia:
Early in its history, it was a popular stop on the Silk Road because it had a spring, hence its name [meaning, roughly, "stone spring"]. Founded as a fort called Tashauz in the early 19th century by the Russians, the name was changed to the Turkmen form Dashkhovuz in 1992 after independence, and to Daşoguz by order of President Niyazov in 1999; the modern city is a Soviet-designed city with many monuments and museums acting as a local administrative and cultural center and rail junction.
They aren't kidding about that "Soviet-designed" business:

Boarding school in Dashhowuz
 Eastern neighborhood in Dashhowuz

World War II Memorial in  Dashhowuz

And the weather for today? Clear and cold.

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